What I’m Reading




The Bible


A Daily Devotional
Every Day Is A Gift

I’m reading:

One Catholic Book:
True Devotion To Mary * 
by St. Louis de Montfort

One Work of Fiction:  
Tales From Shakespeare* # @
by Charles and Mary Lamb
I found this book in the public library
when I was in the third grade, and, most 
fortunately, decided to borrow it.
After I read it, I went on to read a few of
Shakespeare’s plays.  I admit I needed a
dictionary, but I ended up with a vivid love
for Shakespeare, and for dictionaries.
This book is faithful to the original works,
unlike Thomas Bowdler’s infamous, nefarious 
expurgated edition of the plays.
I wish somebody could have sung him the opening lines of this song!

One Jewish Book:
Tradition In A Rootless World ^
by Lynn Davidman

One Work Of Nonfiction:
Ministering Angels:
A Study Of  Nineteenth Century Evangelical Writing For Children
by Margaret Nancy Cutt

One Play/Collection Of Plays:
Modern Monologues for Young People # ^ @
by John Murray

My reading always includes at least:
One book I’ve never read before
One classic
One children’s/YA book.

A book can fit into more than one category.
For example, Chaim Potok’s “The Chosen” is both a Jewish book,
and a work of fiction.

I also read several picture books a week,
and an occasional comic book, graphic novel, or collection of strips/panels

* = “classic”
#= “children’s/YA”
^= “reading for the first time”
&=”more than one category”

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