My Reading Diet

I was going to call this post “My Reading Plan” or “My Reading System” or “My Reading Habits”, but then
I decided that “My Reading Diet” was the most appropriate heading. After all, I need books as much as I
need food.
No. I need them more. I have fasted from food, but never, ever from books.

My daily reading diet consists of what I hope is a good variety.


The Bible
A Daily Devotional

I read:

One Catholic Book
One Work of Fiction
One Jewish Book
One Work Of Nonfiction
One Play/Collection of Plays

My reading always includes at least:
One book I’ve never read before
One classic
One children’s/YA book.

A book can fit into more than one category.
For example, Chaim Potok’s wonderful novel, “The Chosen” is both a Jewish book,
and a work of fiction.

I also read several picture books a week,
and an occasional comic book, graphic novel, or collection of strips/panels.

My current reading list can, at any time, include something serious, and something whimsical.


  1. I’m going to start posting a list of what I’m reading. The list will be updated whenever there is a change.


  2. I also read several different books/ types of books concurrently. I read The Chosen by Chaim Potok in tenth grade and loved it! I really need to read it again, but first I need to get it.


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