Sunday Scrambles Prompt # 1

As you can tell by the heading, I’ve decided to jump onto the prompts bandwagon.

Each Sunday evening, I will give you a set of letters which can be used to make more than one word. Your challenge is to write a post, any form, any length, forming as many words as you can from those letters.

For example, the letters ACST could be used in this way:

“A cast of young children acts in a modified version of “Cats” called “Kittens”.

Proper names are allowed.

I’m looking forward to seeing some responses that show real finesse, especially from
those of you who like to work out anagrams,

Please create a pingback, and tag your post Sunday Scramble.

The letters for this week’s prompt are OPST.
I will publish my own response to this prompt tomorrow.



  1. OPST — “my post stood the test of time.”

    Is that how this is supposed to work, like an anagram, where “OPST” could be the word “POST”?


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