Your Other Soundtrack (Old Post)

“What is the soundtrack of your life?”
That question on the back cover of Kim Culbertson’s YA novel, “Songs For A Teenage Nomad,” refers to recorded music. But that isn’t what I’m going to blog about in this post.

I’m going to talk about your OTHER soundtrack, about some of the sounds you’ve heard throughout your life. This won’t be by any means a complete list, but depending on when you were born, and where you’ve lived or visited, your other soundtrack may include:
Rain falling on the roof.
Raindrops striking the metal lids of garbage cans.
Static on the radio.
A Westminster Chime clock.
Big Ben.
A too-shrill alarm clock.
A cuckoo clock.
The call of a live cuckoo.
A rooster crowing.
Hens clucking.
A nightingale.
The morning song of a robin.
Bird choruses.
Gulls calling.
Waves crashing against the shore.
A foghorn.
Cars honking.
The bang-clatter-crash of a garbage truck
A distant train whistle.
A train clattering by.
Cows mooing.
Church bells.
A dial tone.
Cats meowing.
Dogs barking.
The hum of bees.
A cat purring.
A faucet dripping.
Police sirens.
Fire engines.
School bells.
Bicycle bells.
A dinner bell.
Bells on ice-cream wagons.
The tunes played by ice-cream trucks.
Wind chimes.
The rides at an amusement park, and the mixed screams of joy and/or terror from the riders.
The sound of coffee percolating in an old-fashioned coffee pot.
A whistling tea kettle.
The soft jingle-clink of a spoon stirred in a cup.
A vacuum cleaner.
A child’s squeaking toy.
Racecar engines revving up.
A bat smacking a baseball.
The hum of a refrigerator.
Leaves rustling in the wind.
The clacking of keys on a typewriter.
A baby’s very first cry.

I’m sure I’ve left some things off this list, but it is already longer… vividly longer… than I meant it to be.
Some, but not all, of the pleasant, annoying, or neutral sounds mentioned are a part of my own other soundtrack.

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