I Disagree With This Article (Old Post, Rewritten and Expanded)




I vividly disagree with the author of this article, who claims that adults should feel
embarrassed to read children’s books.

My reaction:”COW FLOPS!”

Would the author prefer that we read pornography?
Now that I would be embarrassed and ashamed to
read, even if it weren’t a mortal sin.

If I had been able to respond to the writer of that article, I hope I would have
been enough of a lady not to tell her what she could kiss.
I hope I would have said something like, “If you choose not to read children’s and
YA literature, that is your privilege, but please don’t attack, please don’t foist your
opinion on, those of us who enjoy it.
I, personally, never was a fan of the “Nancy Drew” books, but I would never
disparage the many, many people who love that series.”

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