Fiction Friday: Mary Wept

This is a story that I feel is appropriate for Good Friday.

Mary Wept



This story was inspired in part by Michelangelo’s “Pieta”

As Mary held the crushed, bruised, scourged, thorn-crowned body of Jesus,
her mother-heart ached almost unbearably.

Her tears fell; she wept as nobody on Earth had ever wept before or
would ever weep again.

The crowd of onlookers whispered among themselves,
“Mary is weeping for Jesus.”

But they were mistaken.

Mary’s tears were not for Jesus, for she knew that He was no longer suffering.

She knew that in three days Jesus would rise from the dead, and after He rose, He would come to her.

No, Mary did not weep for Jesus.

She wept for Judas.

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