Nulla Dies Sine Linea

Four prompts from today

And one from yesterday

“Nulla dies sine linea.” “Not a day without a line.” That’s my motto. I want to be a prolific writer, but more than that, a good writer. I’ve never forgotten these words from a song on the original “Mickey Mouse Club”
“The talents given to you and me, we must develop faithfully.” Therefore, I write something every day, and I’m not talking about this blog.

I work on my fiction and/or my poetry every day, but I don’t keep to a strict word count, unless I’m writing a drabble, nanofiction, or juuichi.
Sometimes I manage to write a whole story at once, at least the first draft, but more often it’s just a paragraph, or a sentence. And sometimes it’s just an idea which may not develop into a story for
several years.

I try for diversity in my writings; I don’t want to write the same kind of story or poem over and over.

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned about writing….. and I didn’t learn it easily (perhaps no writer does) is, when I want to take a story in one direction, and the story wants to go in another, FOLLOW THE STORY!!!!

It’s also important to me not to become conceited about my writing, because, as Richard says to Elizabeth about his gift for music in Enid Blyton’s “The Naughtiest Girl Again”, “I know quite well that my gift for music is nothing to do with me really – it’s something that has been given to me – a real gift.”

Finally, I’m going to divulge something about my writing, I’ve been at it since I was eight years old, and in that time I’ve done an awful lot of writing—-and a lot of awful writing!


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