Upsetting Email

I recently received a surprising email from Amazon. It seemed to be an ominous augury.


We have canceled your order and voided your current gift card balance.

We have taken these actions because you are attempting to use Amazon Gift Cards that are in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We cannot reissue the gift cards or reimburse you for these funds. If this activity continues, we may take a permanent action on your account.”


Account Specialist

I responded at once:

to address-verification

“I do not understand why you are taking these actions.
I placed my order in good faith, and I gave you the right shipping address.
I do not feel that my account should be penalized in any way.”

Meanwhile, no funds had been deducted, nor were they ever deducted, from my Amazon Gift Card balance.

It turned out that they’d somehow sent the wrong message; they meant to inform me that an item I’d ordered was no longer available and I was not being charged for it.

And now that I think of it, I wonder if someone who actually violated their Terms and Conditions received the “Item No Longer Available” email meant for me!

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