Accentuate The Positive (Old Post, Slightly Modified)

I try to accentuate the positive (as the song title goes), and one way I do it is with my adaptation of the “Glad Game” in the “Pollyanna” books and movies.
For anyone unfamiliar with the Pollyanna books or movies [there have been several film adaptations], the idea of the Glad Game is to find something to be glad about when things go wrong, or if you don’t like the situation you’re in.
Hate Mondays? Well, according to Pollyanna, you can be glad because it’ll be a whole week before you’d have another one. [In the Disney movie, “Monday” was changed to “Sunday.]

It’s a good game as far as it goes. The problem however, is that before you can play it, there has to be something wrong. Pollyanna herself points this out in Pollyanna Grows Up.
“Always, before, there have been bad things for folks to play the game on, and the badder they are the more fun ’tis to get them out-find the things to be glad for, I mean. But where there aren’t any bad things, I shouldn’t know how to play the game myself.”

So how did I adapt this game? Instead of looking for things to be glad about,I look for things to be thankful for. In other words, I try to thank God for WHATEVER happens, good or bad. This helps make the bad things seem not quite so bad. Even better, it helps me to notice the good things, the little, everyday blessings.

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