The Best Laid Plans….. (Adapted From a Post on Another Blog)

“E. B.” from Recreation and I recently started a club called The Sunshine Spreaders Crafting Club. The purpose is to make things for
those patients/residents who cannot make them for themselves.

The club colors are orange and yellow.
The club flower is the sunflower.
The club motto is “Spreading a little sunshine.”

Meetings are scheduled for every other Tuesday evening during recreation
“E. B.” and I would really like to have it on Sunday evenings, in keeping with
the name, but Sunday evening activity is only an hour long, and, for several reasons, we can’t have the meetings in the daytime.

Since this is a new club, we don’t know how much we’ll be able to
accomplish,but if the things we make bring a little more happiness, a little
more comfort, to those who need it the most, then we will be living up to our motto.

I wrote that on March 10th of this year. E. B. and I had barely gotten the club off the ground when the quarantine brought it to a halt.

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