Unsolved: A Rhyme

FOWC with Fandango — Labyrinth

This is an attempt to go back, so to speak, and write
the kind of poem I wrote when I was around eleven.


Looking back to my childhood days,
when I couldn’t solve a labyrinth, aka maze,
I remember I never could discern
when to go straight and when to turn.
Should I move up or down the line?
The solution never was mine.
This made me feel just a little bit humble,
Till I turned to the newspaper and solved the Jumble.

3 thoughts on “Unsolved: A Rhyme

  1. I’m glad you liked my verse, but I’m not eleven. This is the type of verse I wrote when I WAS eleven.
    I plan to post the VERY FIRST poem I ever wrote. I still remember it after all these years.


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