Today Tuesday: Interactive Viewing (Post From 2019, Slightly Modified)

At least half the fun of watching a soap opera is talking to, or, more often, yelling at, the characters. And I know I’m not the only one who has
ever done that!

Quite often, what I’ve yelled has started with the word “Don’t”
“Don’t open that door!”
“Don’t get in that car!”
“Don’t drink that!”
I reserve those and other warnings for the characters I like, characters for whom I have
cordial feelings.

But I don’t always yell. At times, I express sympathy:
“I know you miss him [her].”
“Don’t cry. She’s [he’s] not worth it.”

When it comes to characters I don’t like, or am currently mad at, I’m more apt to resort to name-calling, including names that rhyme with “ditch” and “dastard”, but that is as far as I go.
And then there are the times… oh so many of them… when I’ve ratted somebody out.
“He’s cheating on you!”
“She’s not really pregnant!”
“She’s the one who tampered with the evidence!”

Of course, I know that the characters can’t really hear me. If they could, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of them hollered back at me, “TATTLETALE!!!!”

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