Monopoly Our Way

My late childhood friend Jack and I often played Monopoly together;
we had a great and most enjoyable rivalry.
Sometimes, though, instead of competing, we’d cooperate, playing as
partners against the Bank. If we went bankrupt, the Bank won, but if we
ended up with all the money and property, then we won.
One of us would hold the Deeds for the Properties we bought, while other would handle our money. (If one player was in Jail, the other would handle both Deeds and Money.)
Landing on a Property with a hotel meant that we had a guest, in which case we’d collect the appropriate amount of money from the Bank. (I guess all our guests were Bankers!)

Whether we played against each other, or against the Bank, we always tried
to excel at the game.



  1. Question for clarity. When you say your “late childhood friend Jack,” are you saying he was your friend at the late childhood stage of you life? Or are you referring to your childhood friend who is now deceased? Just curious.


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