Today Tuesday/Puzzling Fun

I love wordplay, so one of my favorite pastimes is doing cryptic crossword puzzles.
I visit this puzzle site, where the clues are difficult enough to tax my brain a bit, but not so hard that they are frustrating, every day.
It’s so amusing, and amazing, to see the various types of clues the
constructors come up with, for example homonyms, Spoonerisms, and my personal favorite, anagrams. (I wish I had a book of anagrams on hand right now.)

And sometimes the answer is cleverly ensconced inside the clue.



  1. I tried a cryptic crossword from that link that you posted, after reading this post yesterday. I’m a big fan of crossword puzzles and like to think that I am pretty good at them, but those cryptics seem TOO cryptic for me. 🙂


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