What’s In A Name? (Edited From Several Old Posts)

What’s in a name?  Or rather, what’s in how a name is spoken?  Sometimes, quite a lot.

When young Robert’s mother called him Bobby, he knew that everything was all right, but when she hollered, “Ro-BERT!!!!!! “, then trouble, usually a spanking, was imminent.

One day Bobby decided to play trampoline. Since he didn’t have a trampoline, he used his bed.

Bounce.  Bounce. Higher bounce.  Higher bounce. CRASH!!!! The bed now had only three legs.Bobby used a typical little-boy solution.  He propped up the bed with some books, and then made a quick exit, announcing that he was going out to play.

Some time later, his mother went into his room, probably to put away his laundry.   Of course, she saw the damage at once.

“Ro-BERT!!!!” she bellowed.

A few minutes later, it was Bobby, [or Ro-BERT!!!] who was yelling.

 Then there was the day his mother had some of her friends over for a game of cards, which Bobby disrupted.  Perhaps it was her turn to entertain the card club she belonged to.   Perhaps it was just a friendly get-together.
Suddenly, the game was interrupted when a skyrocket came through the window screen, and whizzed around the players’ heads.   The guests left, quickly, one might even say hastily.

Bobby’s mother looked outside and saw the culprit, who was so busy laughing that he forgot to run off.

“Ro-BERT!!!!” she bellowed.

And then the real fireworks happened!

I heard these stories years later from Robert himself, but I never called him Robert, or Bobby.

I called him Daddy.


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