Juuichi (Excerpted and Modified From an Old Post)


Years ago, I developed a frugal form of poetry called “juuichi” , inspired by the Japanese haiku.

“Juuichi” (pronounced jooitchy), is the Japanese word for eleven.
A juuichi is untitled, and has a set number of words rather than syllables. Lines one and five each have only one word, while lines two, three and four each have three.
Rhymes are optional.

Hint: If you write a juuichi, count the syllables; it may work just as well, or better, as a haiku

Here are three samples.


do you call
the raucous cawing
of the crow


across the sea,
dreaming of homelands
I have never


singing. Dog barking.
Cat can’t decide
which way to

2 thoughts on “Juuichi (Excerpted and Modified From an Old Post)

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