Read Some Trash! (Old Post, Slightly Revised)

Did the title of this post make you shake your head and say, “She’s got to be kidding!” or something similar?
Well, I enjoy reading trash now and then.
Let me explain, let me elucidate, what I mean by “trash,” which I probably should have put into quotes in the header.
By “trash,” I definitely do not mean pornography; I wouldn’t read that even if there were nothing else to read. I don’t even mean poorly written books.

So what do I mean? What am I talking about?
I’m talking about what certain literary critics refer to as, quote, trash, unquote.
In other words, light novels. Fluff. Non-classical books. The kind of books these critics… and also some responders to reader reviews on places like… disparage people for reading. It’s as if they assume that if you read “trash,” then you never read what they consider “worthwhile.”
So am I suggesting that you read mostly light, non-classical fluff? No, not at all. On the other hand, I’m not suggesting that you read mostly classics. Only you can decide in what proportion you read so-called “worthwhile” books, and so-called “trash.”
As for me, my reading diet consists of what I hope is a healthy mixture of
“worthwhile” books and “trash.” You see, while I enjoy reading the classics, I find that light reading is a good way to avoid literary snobbishness.

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