Extra, Extra!

Mom and I were playing Scrabble one night in our stationary Summer trailer. The Q and the X were already on the board.
I picked up a tile from the box; it was another X!
Mom and I, our game prematurely ended, looked through the box and found
some more Q’s and X’s, plus some extra Z’s and blank tiles.

A few days later, Baba and I were playing cards… probably Gin Rummy,
when we discovered that there were about eight Jokers in the pack.

Who put the extra tiles in the Scrabble box?
Who put the extra Jokers in the deck of cards?
Who put the bomp in the bah bomp bah bomp?
OOPS! Sorry! That last line was extraneous!

The culprit was Dad (my stepfather), who was a great practical joker.
To use a cliche, he was a real card!



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