Today Tuesday/Mostly About Food

This is normally a nostalgia blog, but on Tuesdays I deviate from the norm, at least in one post, and write about more recent things.
And I’ve found several prompts today, thanks in large part to Fandango, that fit perfectly into this Today Tuesday post.

Are you an adventurous eater, or do you prefer to play it safe when you’re feeling peckish?

I’d have to say I’m semi-adventurous and semi-cautious when it comes to food. I’m adventurous in that I’ll try new things, as long as I’m not allergic to them. That eliminates things such as, in alphabetical order, clam, crab, lobster, oysters, and shrimp.
(And I’ve managed to sneak in another prompt word here!)

Do you prefer dining in or dining out?

I’ve enjoyed both, but now that I’m in a nursing home, I have no choice
but to dine in.

When you dine in, who does the cooking?

Mostly the kitchen staff. I do, however, have some instant soups and instant cereals which I “cook” in hot water brought by request at mealtimes. But I have to admit that I miss actually COOKING.

When you dine out, do you tend to stick to places you know, or do you look for new places to try?

That always depended on my mood. Don’t things often depend on one’s mood?

One of my favorite children’s books is “Beezus and Ramona”, by Beverly Cleary. In the last chapter, Ramona starts to put butter and jelly on her mashed potatoes….(after all, we put butter and jelly on toast, so why not on potatoes?)
Well, I love mashed potatoes.
I recently tried putting butter and jelly…. grape jelly…. on my mashed potatoes
as an experiment, and for a change. And guess what? They were pretty good!
I also love tater tots, the taste, the shape, the texture.
And I have to add French fries to this list. I usually put salt on them, but sometimes, not often, I sprinkle them with sugar. (Another way in which I deviate from the norm!) Hmmmm…. maybe next time we have French fries…..
And then there’s baked potatoes… can’t forget those! I love a baked potato with salt and butter (or margarine), but not with sour cream. I love sour cream, but
not on baked potatoes, which is funny because I absolutely love sour cream and onion potato chips.
And that is the fifth way I enjoy eating potatoes… potato chips.
I’m going to have to order some online for my snack drawer.

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