Compassionate Pets

The following is taken, completely unedited, from my very first blog.

Animals can be compassionate towards one another.   I have seen this for myself.

Years ago, my family had a Maine coon cat, Misty, and an elderly  Sheltie, Jolie.  Jolie had become arthritic, and there were some days when she could barely move {If you’re wondering why I didn’t have her put to sleep, it wasn’t up to me to decide.}

One day, we gave Jolie and Misty some chicken, {without the bones, of course} in their dishes.  Jolie, who loved chicken, made no move towards her dish.  Misty went up to her and meowed.  Then he walked over to Jolie’s dish, took a piece of chicken, and brought it to her.  He did this until Jolie’s dish was empty.  Only then did he eat his share.

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