From My Very First Blog

The following was originally published back in 2005 on my very first blog. I’m filled with elation at having found it again.

Mixed-Up Machine

I remember a vending machine that dispensed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and chicken noodle soup. Cream and sugar were optional with the first two. However,what the customer ordered wasn’t always what he/she got! Sometimes the machine delivered a cup of sugar, with no tea or coffee, and every now and then the beverage flowed out before the cup landed.

And then there were some interesting combinations:
Tea with noodles.
Chicken soup with cream and sugar
Coffee and chocolate
{Now, I love mocha, but this mixture bore no resemblance, so far as the taste went, to mocha!}
Coffee/tea/chocolate combo, AKA Mocha Tea
Chocolate noodle soup
And, on rare occasions, the machine would deliver the works: coffee, tea, chocolate, soup, cream, and sugar all in the same cup.

And yet, even knowing that I might not get what I wanted, I kept ordering from that machine. Why? Cockeyed optimism? No. The truth is, rather than being annoyed by the machine’s mix-ups, {and I use the word mix-ups in every way possible} I found them very funny!

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