All My Bibles (Old Post, Updated)

I’ve had so many Bibles, in so many translations, it’s not funny. Fine Art Bibles, pocket-sized Bibles, medium-sized Bibles, One-Year Bibles, devotional Bibles, parallel Bibles, study Bibles, leather Bibles, imitation leather Bibles, hardcover Bibles, paperback Bibles.
Somehow, though, I always ended up going back to my Ignatius Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition paperback Bible, which I got by mail order on May 1st, 1998. (I put the date in the front cover when I received it.)

Due to some changes in my life, that Bible is now the only one I have.
It is well-worn and well-marked; in fact, it may be a bit over-marked! I think I’ve used, at one time or another, almost every Bible-marking system there is. Circling, stars, dots, color-coding, highlighting, even VERY simple symbols. (That system didn’t last very long!) In fact, the only system I haven’t used is underlining. I don’t like underlining as a marking system, but that’s just my personal taste.

2 thoughts on “All My Bibles (Old Post, Updated)

  1. I really like the RSV too. The one I have has notes for alternative translations for bits here and there as well as parts that maybe should be included and parts that maybe shouldn’t… but not any “commentary” (which takes up like half of the space in some “Bibles” I’ve seen). Additionally, simple words (like and at times) that are inserted to make the English flow are italicized. I like it so much, I sent a Catholic version to my dad.


  2. The only religious book I owned since childhood, I once bought a copy of the Koran, just to learn more about Islam, but these books are incredibly difficult to read and I doubt I got more than 2 pages into it.


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