Coney Island

Coney Island. Just one neighborhood away from my own, Brighton Beach, and yet it seemed like a completely different world.
I’ve never been able to hear this song without thinking about Coney Island, and about my boardwalk.

And those hot dogs and French fries just had to be Nathan’s!

The arcades… oh, how much fun I had in the arcades. My favorite game, although I wasn’t anywhere near to being the best player, was Skee-Ball.

But the most wonderful, the most magical thing about Coney Island was the rides. In fact, instead of saying, “Let’s go to Coney Island,” we’d often…
in my family, anyway, say, “Let’s go to the rides.”

One ride I loved, but wouldn’t go on alone, was the Wonder Wheel.
Always the decision: Swinging car, that reminded me of a miniature roller-coaster, or stationary car, which went higher up and gave a better view?

One thing I loved, because it made me feel safe, was that each car was built like a large cage. I’ve never liked ferris wheels with open seats.

Now, no longer living in Brighton Beach, I have to content myself, or almost content myself, with virtual rides.

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