Internet Trolls

I remember when I first came online, almost 19 years ago, I joined several now long-gone message boards and groups. I made some good online friends there, but now I’m in touch with only one. I wonder what happened to the rest of them.

Not long after I discovered social media, I also encountered online trolls.
Some of them joined groups and came onto message boards just to attack the members.
And then there were, and are, those who copy and correct other people’s mistakes in spelling and/or punctuation.
I was delighted when one woman responded to one of those unsolicited, unwelcome corrections, “Don’t correct my spelling, and I won’t correct
your manners.”
I hope I congratulated her.

There was a spammer troll on who posted the same “review” for the same “Another World” fic (not one of mine) over and over:
You badly need a beta reader.
You badly need a beta reader.
You badly need a beta reader.
You badly need a beta reader.
(On and on!)

And yes, I’ve dealt with a few trolls who attacked and flamed me. I’d say that almost everyone who’s been on social media has experienced this at least once.

It seems that, ever since there’s been an Internet, there have been trolls, all kinds of trolls. But they all have one thing in common.

All of them are obnoxious.

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