Remember Brand Loyalty? (Old Post, Modified)

I often see, during one commercial break, commercials for rival companies.

I remember the days when tv and radio shows were not sponsored by rival companies.  Shows did have alternating sponsors, but these were for unrelated products.  We didn’t hear or see for example, a commercial for Kellogg’s Raisin Bran and a commercial for Post Raisin Bran on the same show.  We weren’t confused by different brand names on one program! We would, however, have been extremely confused if the host of that show had praised a rival sponsor. We may even have considered it heresy, if we had known that word at the time.

It was, to use a cliché, a more innocent time.  We trusted the
tv and radio show hosts, and we believed that if they said
something was good, then it must be good.

Of course, if two or more programs we liked had rival sponsors,
things could get a bit confusing!  At least, it was confusing for
me.  I could not, as a little girl, believe that any of those hosts
would tell a lie; so I finally decided that they must each like different brands.  After all, my friends and I didn’t always like the same things!

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