Golden Ages (Old Post, Slightly Modified)

People talk about The Golden Age of Vaudeville, the Golden Age of Comics, the Golden Age of Movies, the Golden Age of Radio, the Golden Age of Television, The Golden Age of Advertising, and so on.

It seems that every medium has its own “golden age,” its “good old days”, a time remembered with fondness, and perhaps, a little regret, a bit of longing for the past.

Yes, many things from the various “Golden Ages” are still available on TV, in stores, and online, yet we often feel a nostalgia for when these things were NEW; for when, for instance, those classic TV or radio shows were broadcast for the first time; when those movies first opened; when those commercials, print ads, or advertising cards were seen for the first time.

And what about now? Are there blog posts being written that will someday be considered classics?
Is this, perhaps, The Golden Age Of Blogging?
I am terribly tempted to say, “Of COURSE it is. After all, I’m blogging now!

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