I Know It Was Just A TV Show, But…..! (Old Post)

I was fifteen years old when the Bewitched episode, “I Don’t Want To Be A Toad, I Want To Be A Butterfly,” aired for the first time.

Remember that episode?   Tabitha goes to nursery school, and during a forest game, Mrs. Burch, the teacher, tells a girl named Amy that she will be the toad.
Amy wants to be the butterfly, but the teacher says that anyone who spills her juice at snack time can’t be the butterfly.  Amy must be the toad.

Really?  A little kid has an accident that could just as easily happen to an adult, and this teacher shames her for it? I thought back then that if I were the teacher, Amy would have been the butterfly, just to make her feel better about spilling her juice.  

I still feel the same way.  Amy didn’t just  want to be the butterfly; she needed to be the butterfly.

Yes, it was just a tv show, but there really are teachers like that Mrs. Burch.

Teachers who have no business working with little kids.


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