My Collections (Old Post, Slightly Modified)

FOWC with Fandango — Odd

I’ve been interested in collecting things ever since I read “Herbert”, by Hazel Wilson. The first chapter was called “Herbert’s Can Collection”. That story got me started on my first collection: the LABELS from cans. Later on, I collected soda bottle caps, and then, obsolete words, which I copied into a notebook. That one didn’t last long because of my handwriting problem. Another collection I had might best be called Chocolatenia, because it was made up of ads, wrappers, boxtops, ANYTHING to do with chocolate. (And WHY did I remind myself of chocolate NOW????) (This post was originally published during Lent!)

I also enjoy reading about other people’s collections, especially the more unusual ones, the unconventional ones, the odd ones.

I’d sort of like an unconventional collection of my own, but I’m not sure that I want to start yet another collection (I had several at the time this post was written) just for the sake of having an unconventional collection.

I will blog about my current collection(s) in next week’s “Today Tuesday” post.

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