So Special, So Close (Old Post, Slightly Edited)

When I was a kid, I didn’t have to go very far…. I didn’t have to go far at all….. to go somewhere special. The candy store was right there on the corner of my block.

It’s funny how many non-candy items were sold there, and, most likely, at most corner candy stores. Come to think of it, didn’t their signs include the word SUNDRIES?

How many ice-cream sodas did I drink at that candy store?  How many sundaes did I consume? The best sundaes EVER! Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, mixed fruit topping, nuts, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry.  Eaten slowly to make it last, yet not too slowly, so the ice cream wouldn’t melt.Oh, for one of those sundaes NOW!

Chocolate egg creams.

Hot chocolate in thick cups.
Cookies.  Little cakes.  Potato chips.  Pretzels. Popcorn. Ice cream bars and sandwiches, and Dixie cups that came with little wooden spoons.
And then there were all the non-food and beverage items.
Comics. Magazines.Paperback books. I remember buying my first two collections of Shakespeare at that store, “Four (or was it Five?) Great
Comedies” and “Four (same question!) Great Tragedies.”Four or five, it was a great bargain at a quarter each! But I hated the way the covers felt.  Looking back, I think they may have just been a bit dusty! Of course, I bought some other books there as well!
And then there were all the toys.  Balls. Airplanes (very fragile; or should I say FLIMSY!) Toy instruments. (I once bought a plastic flute; I think it was blue.)Hula hoops (when they were popular.) Yo-yos. Plastic dolls.
So many other things that I can’t think of at the moment. An amazing variety for a rather small store.
When I was a kid, I didn’t need to travel far to find magic and wonder.  Magic and wonder were right there on the corner of my block.


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