Coca-Cola Themed Collections

I’m fascinated, absolutely amazed, by all the different ways one can put together a Coca-Cola themed collection.
For example, one can collect old Coke bottles, or Coke bottles from other countries. Of course, these may not be that easy to find, and would need to be displayed where they’re not liable to get broken.
Another possible collection, which I’m sure many people have, is Coca-Cola themed figurines.

Somebody who is wealthy, and has a great deal of space available, could collect vintage Coke machines.

I decided, however, that the greatest number of possibilities would be in making an online collection of Coca-Cola advertisements. The best thing about such a collection is that it doesn’t cost anything.

The next thing was to decide on the type of Coke ad I wanted to collect.

Vintage print advertisements? Some of the earliest ones are especially fascinating.

Celebrity endorsements?

Old-time radio commercials?

Early television commercials?

In the end, I decided to collect Foreign Coca-Cola Commercials.


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