From An Old Blog

My Very Own Library Card From My Semper-Gaudete! Blog, July 6, 2010

Almost every day after school, my Baba and I would go to the rather small, but to my childish eyes quite big enough, Brighton Beach Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, then located on Ocean Parkway. We’d browse among the picture books, and then I would choose a few books (as hard a decision, for me, as deciding what to get at the corner candy store!) Baba would check the books out on her library card; I was too young to have my own.
We’d go over to one of the benches on Ocean Parkway, and read at least one of the
books together. Usually, we saved the rest of them to read at home. Not that I minded reading
the books again and again. Most, if not all, bookworms are great re-readers.
And then, finally, when I was in the second grade, I was old enough for my very
own library card.(thrill thrill thrill!) I felt so grown-up that day. My very own library card!
The first book I took out on my VERY OWN library card was “Betsy and Billy” by Carolyn Haywood. I chose for two reasons: I had already read and loved her first book, “B is For Betsy”, and I wanted to be seen leaving the library with a thick, grown-up looking book.

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