A Strange Easter Sunday

This has been an unusual Easter Sunday, as far as eating is concerned.
Ordinarily, I would, by now, have eaten OH so much chocolate, including chocolate ice cream.

But this year, I’m not feeling very good; I’ve been sick for several days, nauseous and lightheaded. I’ve been making myself eat a little bit, mostly saltine crackers, and I’ve been drinking so I don’t become dehydrated.

Almost everyone here is sick, and NOT from the coronavirus. They’re just not motivated… the quarantine is too much for them. They’ve lost the will to live, and six people have died in one day, including people I knew from activities. There was one man whose wife came all the time before they forbade visitors. I think that’s what led to his decline and death.

How terribly, tragically ironic that the quarantine, which is supposed to save lives, has caused these people to die.

But I believe that there is light somewhere, at the end of the tunnel… even though, right now, it seems like a very long tunnel.


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