The Things You Find On!

A search on can lead to some surprising memories. I’ve found several of my old blogs and other websites. Some of them were hosted on now-defunct sites.

I was browsing an old Another World message board when I spotted the username World2World. I gave a little gasp,,,, that was ME!!!! I chose that name because when AW ended, I followed some of the characters to As The World Turns.

Here is one of my old messages. SOW stands for Soap Opera Weekly.

POSTED ON: April 17, 2002 at 14:48:24

THIS IS A FOLLOWUP TO: Dropping Another World for Passions

After ANOTHER WORLD was cancelled, but before the last episode aired, the following question appeared in SOW: “Do you plan to watch Passions when it debuts?”
This is the answer I sent in (I wish they had printed it) “Not for all the pasta at CARLINO’S!”

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