When Did You First Publish?


You probably don’t remember when you first published something. I know I don’t.
After all, most of us were very young when our first publications were released, that is, if we define “publish” as “to make public”, from the Latin publicare.

In the interest of truth, I will publish the fact that I just learned the Latin for “to publish” this afternoon! It was published on the Internet!

So the first words you or I spoke to anyone could very well be called our first publications. And it is very likely that our parents and grandparents republished them.

But when most of us think about published things, we think about things that have been printed or posted.

Right this minute, there are probably more things than we could even begin to count being posted on message boards, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, and, of course, on the many, many, MANY blogs and other websites on the Internet.
Especially now, while we are all in quarantine.

Right this minute, there are people publishing their hundredth, thousandth, or perhaps even ten thousandth posts, some of which can now be found only on archive.org. I’ve found some of my own very early online publications there.

And right this minute, there are people publishing on the Internet for the very first time.

And right this minute, I’m going to publish this post!

One thought on “When Did You First Publish?

  1. My first ever “published” work was a short story I wrote in the fifth grade that was published in our school’s quarterly student literary magazine. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of it. But my parents were very proud of me, even though the literary magazine published just about every student who submitted a story.


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