Songs From Soaps

I loved the Procter and Gamble soap opera, “Another World”. Here are some songs from that show that are especially meaningful to me. “If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful” Cass and Kathleen’s song. “(You Take Me Away To) Another World” I love this song, but I hated the “Sin Stalker” storyline it was introduced in. “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”. Cass and Frankie’s song.” I never completely got over Frankie’s death

. “I Know That This Is Love”. Ryan and Vickys song. “Once Upon A Dream”. The song played when Ryan died. And as I type this, I’m muttering, “Damn you, Grant. “I Will Remember You”. Played when Gabe was shot and killed. “In This Life”. Played during the last scene, June 25, 1999.

And when “Another World went off the air, I started watching “As The World Turns”. “Time In A Bottle”. Sung by Michael Park [Jack] on “As The World Turns” when Carly was missing. “Worth It All”. Jack and Carly’s song, sung by Michael Park.

Yes, I was a CarJacker!


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