Music I Like/A Book I Like

I love going online and finding old songs I read about in books. More often than not, one or more of the songs mentioned has ended up on at least one of my playlists.

One playlist I was compiling on my incognito blog before my computer expired was:

Songs Mentioned In Books,

and the first two songs I put on the list were

Tickle Toe
Jada Jada Jing Jing Jing
which are mentioned in” That Jones Girl”, by Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood.

I used to have a copy of that book, but it was lost. Someday I hope to replace it. Just think, if I hadn’t read it, I may never have heard of “The Tickle-Toe”.

As for “Jada”, I was already familiar with that tune. We set our bunk song to it, my last year in summer camp.

Well, I’ve blogged here about Music I Like, AND A Book I Like, so I guess we can call this a double feature!


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