Different Opinions

I had an English teacher who firmly believed that the 11th Commandment…. or was it the 1st?… was “Thou shalt not split thine infinitives.”

Another English teacher in the same school did not agree. He said that anyone who insisted on such an archaic and outdated rule of grammar could, and I quote, “boldly go to blazes!”
I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I agree with the second teacher’s opinion.

Then there’s the novel, “Moby Dick“, which my 11th grade English teacher considered to be the greatest novel of all time.
My 12th grade English teacher, however, told us, on the very first day of the school year, “I switched from teaching the eleventh grade, because if I’d had to teach “Moby Dick” once more, I was going to scream.”

Different books appeal to different people. Neither teacher was wrong in his or her feelings for “Moby Dick”.

As for me, I couldn’t even get through “Moby Dick” the first, and, so far, last time around. Why did I type, “so far”? Because someday, I might, just might… not saying I will… try it again.

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