Remembering My Former Cat

I gave some of the posts….okay, MANY of the posts…on my incognito blog the tag “mykitty”. I wrote about him quite frequently.

So why am I using the past tense, and why have I called this post “Remembering My Former Cat”? I hope I haven’t worried any readers of my old blog. Winky (and now you know his real name!) is still very much alive, and very much a cat.

The last time I saw Winky and heard him meow was on July 9th… almost nine months ago. I was being carried to an ambulance on a stretcher, and Winky was in his carrier so he wouldn’t run out. We had time for just a quick goodbye.

I spent a week in the hospital, and now I’m living in a nursing home/rehab center. I wrote about it in one of my old blogs. Here is an edited excerpt from that post.

I’m now living in a nursing home/rehab center, but I prefer to act like someone in summer camp.

I like to make the others here, both staff and patients/residents, laugh.

And, in many ways, the daily activities here ARE like some of those in summer camp.  Sometimes we do crafts, sometimes we play cards, sometimes we play board games, (SORRY! is very popular) sometimes we do tabletop bowling, and, of course we play bingo!

Of course, activities are off for now due to the quarantine.

Remembering Winky’s sad meows as I was being carried out hurts. Writing this post hurts. But knowing that he is being cared for and loved is very comforting.

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